• Psalm 1

    I am so happy I want to shout.

  • Psalm 8

    "Our God is Awesome."

  • Psalm 19

    Look up and see God's glory

  • Psalm 23

    The Lord is my Shepherd. I am his lamb.

  • Psalm 133

    "It's good to share!"

  • Psalm 139

    God knows all about me.

  • Psalm 148

    "Let all heaven and earth Praise the Lord!"

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Children discovering God through the Psalms

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Psalms illustrated by Melanie

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Melanie Moreland Melanie Moreland
Melanie Moreland is an artist, teacher and gypsy at heart.She loves to travel and see all that God has created. Using these three God given passions, she paints, teaches and paints not only in the United States but across the world. She is excited about this new opportunity God has given her to illustrate children's books.

Sherri Sherri
Sherri and her husband Kel live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They have two married children and two grandkidz.

As a pastor's wife I have been a coach/mentor for many years. I love the Psalms! There is something special about David's relationship with God. After our grandson Isaac was born, I wanted to share these truths with him. The Psalms for Kidz series is fun and culturally relevant for children of all ages.



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